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Instilling civic responsibility and solid leadership skills, we aim to transform the working environment, allowing those in positions of power and decision making roles to think broadly and act in the best interest of everyone.

In order to achieve our mission, Adamson Economics Org became a leader in the formation and promotion of African Diaspora organization and participated in the World Bank  and the African Develoipment Bank efforts to channel the knowledge and expertise of African Diaspora to aid in the development of Africa. For this reason, Adamson Economics Org established the AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT NETWORK of Diaspora expertise.

ADAMSON ECONOMICS ORG was the Chief Technical Expert advising the Committee in charge of setting up the African Procurement Network. An African Development Bank project.

Our Mission

By undertaking economic feasibility and environmental impact assessment studies  on behalf of international develoipment agencies, ADAMSON ECONOMICS ORG is making an impact on the African development process.